Focus on Improving Customer Service

One of the most important things we must do in a furniture painting business is give good

customer service. We are artists and hope that everyone loves what we do, when we do it!

But, we know that’s not always the case.

We also value “word-of-mouth” advertising, referrals and repeat customers. I know my business is built on these three things, especially repeat customers. How can we put our best foot forward and give great customer service? Here are a few tips:

Communicate with Your Customers. Custom requests and orders are very important to this business. Keep your customers apprised of the status of their order and pieces. Send sneak peek pictures and texts to keep them up to date. If, for some reason, someone’s order is not going to be finished on time or the date you have set, let them know as soon as possible. Build confidence by letting them know when you expect the order to be completed and fulfilled.

Respond to Customers Quickly. Answer texts, calls, emails, and messages as quickly as possible. In this business we experience ‘impulse buying” and if you don’t respond to requests or inquiries in a timely manner another furniture painter will and you could possibly lose a sale. If you have a custom order you are working on it is extremely important to immediately respond to inquires from your client.

Be Dependable. So much of the furniture painting business requires meeting with the client to discuss finishes, showing items for sale, and picking up and delivering pieces. If you make an appointment, keep it! If you set up a time to deliver a piece be there when you say you will. If you are custom painting a piece for a client and give a date to be done, have it finished on time! Being dependable shows you are a professional.

Let Customers Know You Appreciate their Business. Thank customers for their business. Include a small thank you gift or card every time you sell a piece. Take time to get to know your clients and their tastes. Paint a small picture frame or lamp to compliment their purchase.

Be Hospitable. If customers regularly visit your place of business, make them feel welcome with a beverage bar or coffee. Also, if customers are likely to bring children to your store, keep a basket of toys handy. Harried parents will appreciate the distraction, and are likely to stick around longer if their children are occupied. Set your business apart by showing hospitality in the small ways!

Ask Customers for Feedback. Finally, when you sit back and ask yourself how your business is doing, be sure to ask your customers as well. Invite your customers to rate, review or leave comments on your social media pages, Respond to their comments in a positive, upbeat way.

Focusing on great customer service will help your business grow and earn you a positive reputation.

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