The Furniture Painting Business Tips Facebook Group is Born

At the end of March, 2017 I was a member of many different furniture painting groups on Facebook. I enjoyed most groups and really appreciated seeing the work of my fellow artisans. The suggestions, comments and advice given was uplifting to me as a home-based painting business owner. As I joined in and participated in the many groups I found there was an abundance of “free” advice on painting techniques and staging but not many groups were addressing the actual business side of furniture painting.

I decided to start a group to address my questions. Furniture Painting Business Tips was born with the vision of having a few hundred members networking back and forth. I was shocked at how quickly it grew! I invited three active participants to join me and help administrate the group because I couldn’t keep up with it all and had other ideas I wanted to develop! We reached 10,000 members by mid-July.

Thanks to Missi Haner we developed a set of guidelines and rules for posting and comments within the group. We thought it was important to limit membership to people who are active in the business whether it is part time or full time.

The basic concept of FPBTips is to discuss and focus on business advice. We do not offer advice on painting techniques or staging advice. We have an approval process for new posts to keep the discussions focused on business tips.

We have the following “guidelines and rules” for the group:

This group is for those who are interested in the BUSINESS aspect of furniture painting. We encourage discussion of subjects related to running your painting business. Business cards, websites, contracts, social media, etc. There are many groups covering furniture painting techniques and places to post your beautiful pieces, just not here! We invite you to participate in the discussions.

Posts will be approved if they meet the following guidelines:

* No links to business pages or other groups (except Furniture Painting Collective local chapters) * No promoting or selling products, pieces or information * No furniture pieces * Posts need to be about setting up or running your business. If you have a business subject you would like to see discussed either write a post or message me.

We will sponsor threads occasionally where you can showcase your pieces or business pages!

1 - Please be kind! Snarky/rude comments aren't necessary. Members will be deleted for negative or derogatory comments.

2 - Please share and participate. We all need help. Your experience, suggestions, advice and ideas are valuable to us all.

3 - There are many great groups to help with painting techniques. So let's keep this forum about growing our "business."

4 - We "share" no "charging" others for our knowledge.

5 - Opinions, ideas and suggestions are just that. Not gospel! What works for me might not work for you. No one is responsible for your business but you!

6 - We love seeing your pieces but this page is for business advice. There are many other groups to post your work!


Jeannette Wilding

Missi Haner

Seeing another need, we started local area Furniture Painting Collective groups to help local painters. Members are encouraged to share, network, post pieces, get help with pricing and staging, and grow their businesses with guidance from FPBTips.

Furniture Painting Business Tips is a unique group designed to help the furniture painter to learn, grow, and share.

Our motto is “To bring inspiration and innovation to every painter, from business planning, marketing strategies, social media, guides and templates, one furniture piece at a time!”

Please join our group if you are looking for great networking and business advice for your furniture painting business, large or small.

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