Create Your Own Knobs

So I’ve been working on this adorable vintage pink dresser, and just couldn’t find the 8 knobs I needed to make it look fabulous! I searched on all the usual websites and BST sites, I was at a loss. The knobs I really, really, really wanted were over $8 each, plus shipping, plus taxes…. It would have cost more than I was going to make on this piece.

I Googled, I scoured Pinterest, I asked all my painting peeps; the solution was clear, I just had to make my own. Now, the school of thought on this one is quite divided, but the majority said this: buy wooden knobs. Paint said knobs. Apply tissue paper/napkins/scrapbook/wrapping paper with glue. Varnish knobs. Easy peesy! Well, I took it a step further, sort of.

STEP 1 – Buy knobs

I got these adorable ceramic knobs at Home Depot for about $2 each. I need 8 so that was right on budget J I got ceramic because I like the weight in my hand, and I didn’t have to prime/paint/seal them. Bonus! There were 3 “shapes”, I chose the ones with the flattest top, I didn’t want to have to play around with wrinkles and cutting when applying my paper

White Ceramic Knobs - Flat Tops

STEP 2 – Buy Paper

Let me just start by saying that this whole process had me feeling like Goldilocks. Scrapbook paper was too thick, tissue paper was too thin, but I found something that was just right. You ready? Mini cupcake paper!! Yes sir, it was exactly what I was looking for. And seeing as how I got about 50 of them for $1 at the Dollar Store near my house, it was WIN-WIN! And how cute are they?

Mini Cupcake Molds

STEP 3 – Apply Paper To Knobs

First, I started by flattening the paper cups since I didn’t want little wrinkles on the edges.

Then I used basic Mod Podge to apply my paper, no use in reinventing the wheel here. I applied it directly onto the knob, and laid the knob onto the paper. I then folded the paper in over the edges of the knob, smoothing out wrinkles and little bubbles.

I pressed the paper to the knob and secured any loose pieces or edges by applying a coat of MP on the outside and smoothing it with my fingers.

Flattened Cupcake Mold
Applying MP

Securing Paper to Knob

STEP 4 – Let It Dry

This part is pretty self explanatory. I let my little creatures dry overnight. The outer coat of Mod Podge gives your paper protection, but if you want a little more, or if you need them to look glossy and shiny and extra pretty, you can always spray a coat or 2 of Varathane or Lacquer.

This was a super fun project, and I was so pleased to see how they turned out. I paid less than $20 for my material, so it was a really great way of adding punch and a pop of colour to my dresser. The best part is being able to tell my clients that their new piece has custom, hand-made, one-of-a-kind knobs. And who wouldn’t love to hear that?

Have you ever made your own knobs? I’d love to know how you did it and how they turned out. Leave your comments and questions below!



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