Why White?

As furniture painters and artists we LOVE color! We love experimenting with different colors, often even mixing our own! We love combining colors. We love layering colors. We love accenting with colors. We love painting weird, bold, soft, loud, extreme, trendy, unusual colors… But, they don’t always sell… sigh…

On the practical business side we must pay the bills. So, we play it safe and paint our pieces with what many of my fellow painters call “boring white!”

Why white? I have thought about this so many times as I’m painting a piece with Behr antique white. My favorite shade of “white.”

Neutrals sell.

Many of our customers are looking for that fabulous, vintage, statement piece they will treasure for many years. They often want to play it safe by purchasing the perfect piece for their home that will fit with any color trend and decor. By choosing white they know it will accessorize their home and go with any changes they make in the future. There's no questioning if it will “fit in” and complement the rest of their furnishings and decor.

For some, purchasing a piece of hand painted furniture is a big deal. They don’t see it as a “boring” white buffet or dresser. They see it as a beautiful focal point or statement piece in their home. One to be proud of owning. A piece that friends and family will “ohhh and ahhh” over! One they will treasure for years to come.

Yes, a “boring white” piece will sell and be loved by someone.

Images courtesy of Wild Attic

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