Are you thinking about renting a booth in a local shop as a vendor? Are you thinking about consigning your items to a shop? I suggest doing research & ask questions!!!!!

Below I've prepared a general questions guide, however you may add or take away as you see fit.

Does the shop have a good customer base? Is the shop in a good location? What about their marketing & sale skills? What are the fees? Are they monthly? Is there a comission? How do they compare to other area shops?

(Fees may be higher but customer base, area & sales/marketing skills may be worth the fees.)

Is there a contract & are you comfortable with everything in it? (If not, bring up your concerns to owner.) Will the shop take care of all sales tax? How & when will you know what's sold? How & when will you be paid? Are you required to work hours? Or are you able to work in order to offset part of the monthly fees?

What is the atmosphere of the shop? Is there drama/conflict between owners/vendors? Does the shop carry liability insurance? If so, does it cover vendors liability? Are you required to carry your own commercial liability and or commercial property insurance?

(Your personal insurance probably will not cover because it's business related.- Insurance information covered in a separate blog.)

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