Let's Make a Little More Money!

Are you making enough money painting furniture? Have you experienced a slow down in selling your pieces? Do you just need more money to pay the bills? I know we can have a very good income with a furniture painting business but we can capitalize on what we do and make a little more! Nothing wrong with that!

Here are some great ideas from members of my Facebook group, Furniture Painting Business Tips, for secondary streams of income that compliment painting furniture.

Upholstery - Learning to upholster pieces is a huge income boost! Many customers have a lovely antique chair, settee, dining room set, etc they want painted and would love the extra service of having new upholstery done at the same time.

Product Sales - Many furniture painters sell a line of high-quality paint to compliment their business. Do your research and find a paint line you love and find out what you need to do to become a stockest for the company. There are other products you can also sell such as brushes. You don’t have to have a store front to do this either. Start with your customers. Don’t just give away those samples… sell them! Consider an online store too.

Sales of Furniture Parts - There are a lot of old pieces of furniture that have been “junked” because they are too damaged to repair and paint. You can take them apart and salvage the hardware, drawer tracks, doors, etc. These pieces all have value. Set up an Etsy, eBay, or marketplace shop to sell them. Find your junked pieces at thrift stores, storage unit dumpsters, etc. Drive around neighborhoods on large trash days! Take some tools and go to work!

Open a store and sell booth space. - Often furniture painters need more space to paint and a place to store finished pieces. Look for a cheap rental store front and then sell booth space to others to pay your rent!

Creative Painting - Many furniture painters have a background in art, tole painting, and other mediums. Put your talent to work on canvas, walls, murals, even body painting! Paint a canvas that looks great with your piece. Stage them together and make a secondary sale!

Blogging - I’m not sure how much you can make with a blog, but it can lead to a nice residual stream of income from using google adsense, affiliates, or reviews of products. It takes time but it does build up!

Repairing Furniture - Many people need someone to fix drawers, broken chairs, or mend pieces that have been broken while moving. They don’t have the know-how or tools and will gladly pay someone to do this for them.

Upcycling & Re-purposing - Huge businesses are being built with creative uses of pallets or old fence boards! Typically these items are free, so it just takes your creative juices to turn them into something that a customer must have for a nice profit in your pocket!

Stencils - Buy a vinyl stencil machine and the sky is the limit. You can make signs on old boards, used cabinet doors, glass, mirrors, tiles, even clothing items! Make stencils for walls or car windows as well! There is still a big demand for these so it’s a great investment.

Teach - Giving workshops or teaching the basics of painting is a great source of revenue and can be a lot of fun. You can do it in your own space, rent a place, do a home party, church group, or even in an outside park! You don’t have to teach them everything you know! Many find that after doing a small project it’s easier to pay the real artisan to paint a piece for them!

Paint Smalls - Thrift stores are full of cheap home decorating items that are easy to paint and sell well. Try your hand at painting lamps, vases, wall-hangings, mirrors or picture frames, small cabinets, baskets, and so many other potential items! Paint items to match your piece, stage them together, and sell along with it!

Staging - If you have a talent for staging your pieces, offer this service to your customers for a small extra fee. Stage homes for open houses for a local realtor. Use some of your pieces and hang nice little price tags on them! Decorate for weddings and other events.

Paint Seasonal Items - Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, 4th of July…. all money making holidays for a talented painter! Paint small items, make pallet signs, or outdoor decorations for these holidays.

Furniture Delivery - Offering delivery on a piece of furniture for a fee will not only boost your sales, it can put a few extra dollars in your pocket.

Put your thinking cap on and turn your talents into big money!

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