INSTAGRAM - a mini series

Instagram is a minimalist, mobile-focused app for sharing photos. However, many now use it to document their days/life, sort of a diary for the public to see and read. And while it is not yet commonly used for business sales, people are increasingly moving to IG to post their photos and increase traffic for their business, whether it is a Facebook page, website or blog.

Why is this? Perhaps it’s because FB has over 1.5 billion users and so many feel it is impersonal and unfitting to achieve their goals. IG’s simple design and feed lend itself to a perfect venue to write and illustrate short blogs. And what better way to share your story when you are at a loss for words than through pictography.

With the rise in interest and use of IG, small business owners are getting on the band wagon and using it to showcase their wares. So if you want to boost your business and use IG to drive traffic to your sales page, there are a few things you should think about. First, if you are using FB to run your business, consider linking to two social media sites to increase your traffic and visibility; in other words, once you download the app, log in with FB. (Note that you can also link Twitter, Tumbler and more). Linking accounts allows you to share posts between the social media sites. Second, are you going to open an IG account as personal or business, and under what name? If the purpose is to post business wares and drive customers to your selling site, then consider a business account and name similar, if not the same, as your selling site (FB biz page, blog, Etsy store). You will be prompted to write a short bio, think about this now. What do you want to say about yourself or the business? For example, my bio states the nature of my business, what I do and where I am doing it.

Potential customers can see a post on IG and then click on the link to be directed to my FB page, then buy from me - I hope.

Setting up an IG account is a simple procedure. But first you have to download the app or, through a computer, go to the site. This link will walk you through the steps through either the Android or Apple store app or through a computer:

Once you download and set up your IG account, you are off to the races. You can make changes through your profile settings at any time. So if you start with a personal account and then want to change it to business, or the other way around, you can do this later.

Next installment: Hashtags.

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