How a Realtor Can Help a Furniture Painter

Do you have a real estate agent on speed dial? No, not to sell your house or to help you buy one. I’m talking about a great business resource. A good relationship with a real estate agent can give your furniture painting business a boost in many ways!

  1. Many real estate agents help their clients “de-clutter” their homes to get them show ready. They often suggest removing old worn-out pieces of furniture as they date the look of the home. Homeowners are more than willing to sell very cheaply or even give away big, heavy, old furniture pieces if someone will just take them.

  2. Occasionally real estate agencies end up with houses that need a “clean out.” They have homeowners that will walk away from their homes and leave many belongings and pieces of furniture. Real estate agents are willing to give these pieces away rather than pay to have them moved out.

  3. It’s “moving day” and a homeowner hasn’t been able to sell or remove all of their furniture pieces. The agent wants things to move quickly and smoothly on closing day so they want problems like an old dresser to just go away! They need someone to take it immediately and will give their items to whomever will take them.

  4. Real estate agents are often the first ones to know about moving or estate sales offered by their customers. Tell them what you are interested in buying and they might hook you up before the sale.

  5. Find an agent or agency that helps stage homes for open houses. Offer to let them use your pieces and attach a card and price tag on them.

  6. Ask them to recommend your business to new clients moving into the area.

  7. Many agency offices are nicely decorated. Offer to paint a piece for their use or display. Give them a great deal on a re-purposed beverage cabinet or armoire for the advertisement.

If you don’t know a real estate agent, make a list of local agencies and spend a day visiting them. Take a stack of business cards, have photo’s of your work readily available on your phone, and strike up a friendship or two! Tell them what “you can do for them” as you are willing to help by taking unwanted furniture off of their hands.

If they call or text you pics, try to pick up the piece even if you don’t want it. Donate it and take the tax write off and mileage. If you tell them you aren’t interested, they will quit calling!

Don’t forget to show your appreciation by taking them to lunch. Real estate agents are likable business people and having a great relationship can bring you so many benefits!

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