Stained Tops and Steel Wool

This seems like a little tip but has been a biggie for me!

Staining tops of dressers or tables is not something we love to do. Doing this sure is extra work but a dresser or buffet will sell quickly if nicely done. This added touch on a piece of handpainted furniture is like “icing on a cake.”

I love to feel a smooth, slick top when we are finished painting a piece. I'm always rubbing my hands over a finished top to feel any imperfections. It drives my hubby crazy because as he puts it, “I rub it to death!”

When we first started painting pieces and staining the tops it seemed like we tried everything to get that nice smooth feel without much luck. There were always little flecks of lint or dust that you just couldn't seem to avoid. When I would rub the top I would always feel the little bumps. I hated the feeling.

Then someone told us to to try using "0000" (4 aught) steel wool!

It's so simple and easy. Just very lightly rub it over the top between seal coats! It’s amazing how it works! (I do it because my hubby rubs too hard!)

Now, when we are finished painting a piece I can “rub it to death” and feel good about it!

Yep…. When it comes to stained tops now… I’m killing it!

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