Giving Back With Community Service

Owning any type of business puts us in a position to “do good” within our community. Having a furniture painting business gives us a unique opportunity to share our talent while doing community service to help others.

In my community there are several thrift stores that support a large women’s shelter. These thrift stores provide not only housing and support for battered women and their families, but also gave them training and employment opportunities. I have purchased many furniture pieces from these stores and in doing so established a nice rapport with the managers of the stores.

Due to having a good relationship with management in the stores, they invited me to teach a workshop on painting to their customers. I was more than happy to have the opportunity to “do my part” in giving back. I decided to do a simple presentation called, “Decorating on a Budget.” With this theme in mind, I chose numerous items from the store to paint for the class; a mirror, shelf, vase, and picture frame. As I explained the basics of chalk paint and using it, I painted the items. The focus was to open their minds to up-cycling used items for a fresh new look in their homes at a very reasonable price. It was a fun couple of hours spent teaching and chatting with about 20 attendee’s.

There are many ways to utilize your talents within your community to give back and support others:

Donate a painted item to a benefit or charity auction.

Sponsor a small painting workshop for a church or non-profit group.

Paint a dresser to donate to a shelter, Ronald McDonald House, or senior living center.

Offer to paint a piece of furniture for your local library, hospital, school, or church.

Teach a person with a disability how to paint with the purpose of giving them an opportunity to earn an income.

Contact Habitat for Humanity or other similar organizations and offer your services.

Community service opportunities are everywhere. Giving back to your community will reap you many benefits as a business and as a person.

One of my favorite quotes is, “Nothing is a waste of time if it improves the person you are.”

Giving to others… What better way is there to improve yourself?

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