My Secret Dark Antique Wax Formula

I love using dark wax on my chalk painted furniture pieces. After a lot of trial and error and tons of practice, I have come up with my “signature finish” with dark wax. I tried using glaze to get the same effect but to be honest, I just don’t like using glaze. It’s not “forgiving” like wax. I know many wonderful furniture painters who use glaze and get wonderful effects but I just can’t seem to get the hang of it!

Using a dark or colored wax can totally change the look of a piece. After trying some commercial and boutique dark waxes I decided to make my own. It’s much, much cheaper and I control the color and effect I want to achieve.

After the painting is finished, I first apply a layer of Johnson Paste wax before I begin the dark wax application. I typically do one area at a time, like a drawer front.

To achieve the look you want, it really is trial and error. Practice your technique. I use a variety of chippy, round and even Wooster Short Cut brushes while waxing.

My DIY Dark Wax secret formula:


Johnson Paste Wax


Old Masters Gel Stain in Spanish Oak

The more stain you mix in, the darker the wax. I typically use about a 1 cup of wax and a large spoonful of stain and stir in well.

After the piece dries completely - overnight - buff to a shine!

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