Engage Followers & Potential Clients/Customers

Keep your followers engaged & they'll continue to come!

To make sure you get engagement and reach on your page, think:








Personalize - Share your life, no not all of it, just bits & pieces. It helps your followers connect on a personal level as some are going through the same thing(s) or have. When people realize you're a person and not just a business you'll stand above the competition! Post a selfie, humanize your brand & show off your personalitiy. Occasionally post a thought or feeling, keep it real with yourself & your followers.

Ongoing - Continuously post at least once per day & always respond to messages/comments. From time to time post a Meme, Funny Photo, Quote.

(Be careful not to offend any of your followers.) If you neglect your page, some followers may feel neglected as well.

Promotions - Promote your Business!

If you see a friend post or comment about needing a new piece of furniture or about a piece of their furniture being boring, take the opportunity to offer your services. "Hey, you don't need to replace your entry table, I can make it match the wreath you always have hung above it for a great price." And of course you want to mention (hyperlink) your business name!

Contests/Giveaways; People like freebies! Regardless if it's a paintbrush, a discount, or an item, they want it, if it's FREE!

Before/After Pics; When you provide a before & after picture in a split photo a potential client will see what you're capable of.

Videos; Billions are being posted & watched daily! (Tutorials, Advertise your shop/workshop, Shopping Trip, etc. and you don't even have to be seen.)

They're what's HOT right now but there's a few rules to stick to;

1. Be prepared

2. Remain Focused & to the Point

3. Try to keep voice & hand steady

NOTE: Videos that are 8min or less are the most viewed.

Timing - Check FB insights to see when your followers are online. And it's all about Trial & Error. Keep track of when you post, how many views/comments you've had to see when your optimal time for posting is.

(NOTE: Posting at the busiest time of day may not be best time as there are millions of businesses & people posting at that time so your ad/post may be overlooked.)

And last but certainly not least....

Purpose - You always want to post with a purpose but did you know that your Followers want to have a purpose?

Post questions, ask for opinions, or fill in the blanks. - Followers love to share their thoughts, but you have to ask!

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