Etsy Basics #1 General Notes

First Installment - Selling through an Easy Shop - General Notes.

Online selling is BIG BUSINESS. And, as furniture painters, we can easily garner a share of this business through a website called ETSY.

The information in this post is detail-based on the assumption you already have an ETSY shop account (set up or not).

There are many nook and crannies of Etsy so I’m just going to start with some of the basics to get your shop noticed and help you start selling.

But please be aware Etsy is it’s own complex world so please do your research about their fees (there’s a few), state and tax regulations, etc.. All of the information in this series comes from weeks of reading their handbook.


-Etsy has a different population of buyers then social media and other selling apps. It is not known for negotiable prices or lowball offers. There’s a price listed. Buyers pay it or walk away. Simple as that.

- Etsy is for HANDMADE items only. That means each piece you list must have been altered by YOU. You cannot list original unfinished pieces because that’s not your original work. For this reason, Etsy has a very strict policy against wholesale items and selling paint brands via their website. And by strict, I mean they will permanently shut you down without a warning.

- Etsy is also VERY sensitive to copyright and trademarks. For instance, if you design a Disney’s Snow White Dresser. Your title, descriptions and tags CANNOT use “Disney” or “Snow White” because it is trademarked to Disney. You can however you use words like “Princess” or “Girls Dresser."

- If a person messages you on Etsy, you need to continue all forms of contact via Etsy. Referring them to your email or outside communication is seen as “Fee Avoidance” and will also shut down your account. You may ask for contact information once a sale has been made to coordinate delivery.

Don’t let their rules deter you. While they probably have the most of an selling site, they’re also very popular and widely used so it outweighs the negatives.

Guest Blogger: Kimberly Ann - "I currently reside in CT. Among many other titles, I am first and foremost a wife and a mother of 4 beautiful children. When I'm not chasing after my children (or my husband, for that matter), I'm probably covered in paint and sawdust. I developed a love for art and drawing since I could hold a pencil. Over the years, this loved has evolved into painting and interior design. I couldn't think of a better way than to combine my love for art into my dream job. Each piece of furniture has a story. The stories and memories are told through each scratch, dent, and blemish. However, where one story ends, another begins. A good cleaning, some elbow grease, a can of paint and a lot of love can transform any piece into something spectacular!"

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