Etsy Basics #2 Get Noticed

Second Installment - Selling through an Etsy Shop - Get Noticed

After you have set up your furniture painting business Etsy account you have some work to do. As with most social media or selling sites you want your page out in front of the competition and noticed by potential buyers.


It's important to use a profile picture. This is the ideal place to put your business logo. If you don't have a business logo now is the time to get one designed. You can do add your logo by going to Shop Manager > Settings > Info and Appearance > Shop Icon > Upload Shop Icon

Add a banner to your page. The banner is the equivalent to a Facebook Cover Photo. This should coordinate well with your icon and relate to your business. This appears on the web and mobile version so make sure you check both to see that it’s ideal. You can do this by going to Shop Manager > Settings > Info and Appearance > Shop Banner Image

There are many apps and programs available to create and design a suitable logo or banner for your page such as Canva. Most are free or very reasonably priced.


This is NOT your company name. This is similar to the “About” section in Facebook. It should ideally be one sentence describing what you do and offer. Be concise and straightforward. The shop title is crucial to Etsy SEO, as it helps shoppers find you in Google Search. It becomes the main (blue) clickable link, followed by your shop name. You can create a title by going to Shop Manager > Settings > Info and Appearance > Shop Title

In this same section, right below the Shop Title, is the Link section. Skip this momentarily. I’ll show you better way to add them. (See “Linking Social Media” in another post.)


Also important to note in this section is the "Shop Announcement." Announce any sales, leave of absences, vacations, giveaways, or anything important can be posted here. This can be as simple as welcoming someone to your page. Make it short and sweet. Anything after the first two lines is cut off from showing immediately.

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