Etsy Basics #3 Linking Social Media

Third Installment - Selling Through an Etsy Shop - Linking Social Media

Linking social media is extremely important in connecting with others and making sure your furniture painting ETSY shop is seen by potential customers.

In the second installment of this series we discussed setting up the “Info and Appearance” section on your ETSY page allows you to connect to Facebook and Twitter only. Rather than using this section, you can access it a different way and be able to add your Instagram, Pinterest, business website, etc.

To do this go to Shop Manager > Using the categories on the left, click the pencil icon next to your name > Scroll below your listings to “Around The Web” > + Add a new link > select what you’d like and enter the appropriate URL.

Connect any and all social media accounts you have.

After doing so, don’t forget to announce you opened an Etsy store on your social media accounts.

Having this feature is a plus for your furniture painting business because this is an easy way for buyers to purchase a piece without any confusion created by having them write “interested” or competing with other interested parties.

Linking to all of your social media accounts gives you step up on the competition. If you don't have these social media accounts set up, do so immediately! You are missing out on a great opportunity to maximize your profits.

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