Etsy Basics #4 Important Shop Sections

Fourth Installment - Selling Through an Etsy Shop - Important Shop Sections

Your About section is where you can share the story of your business. Shoppers can learn more about your creative process. Share videos of yourself, your workspace, a little “Welcome” Video. Whatever you see fit and will give you more exposure. You are inviting them into your shop with this section!

Same thing applies to the image category. This isn’t necessary but your buyers with wander through your page and seeing personal posts will show them the human behind the work. It will make them more comfortable about purchasing from you (especially if you are low on sales or have none at all.) This should be 2 minutes MAXIMUM.

Also in this section is the Story section. You’re limited to a whopping 5,000 characters so go for it and have fun. This should be the story of how your shop was created, what inspired you, why you started painting, how you envision each piece, etc. Humor is always good!

Please go through the rest of this page and fill out all the section as it relates to your business.

IMPORTANT: Aways edit your processing time and refund policy. Buyers ALWAYS look at this and it appears on the bottom of every single listing so make sure it’s accurate so buyers can know what to expect. As a note for processing time: this is the time for the item to be shipped. If your piece is already complete, I recommend putting 1-3 days.

One of the most important sections on this page is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). If you’re skipping around this little tutorial, you can access this section by going to Shop Manager > Under Sales Channel (at the bottom), Click the pencil next to your store name > More information (near bottom), Frequently Asked Questions.

You are limited to nine questions and answers.

Things to include are common questions everyone asks: Shipping availability, if you do custom orders, return/exchange policies, other services your provide, how to care for the pieces, what to do if it’s damaged, etc. Everyone has questions. Save yourself and the buyer time by filling out the most common ones.

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