Etsy Basics #5 Optimize Your Listings

Fifth Installment - Selling Through an Etsy Shop - Optimize Your Listings

Creating a great listing for every piece is extremely important.

Fill out EVERY part of your listings.

Add a listing by going to Shop Manager > Listings > Add a Listing.

Ways to maximize each category area:


The first one is your default picture. Chose it wisely. Fill a minimum of 5 pictures. 10 pictures is preferred. HINT: If you run out of images, use the last three as “fillers.” This could be an image of your social media accounts, if you offer customization, collages of other items, list of other services, etc. They all should be appealing images. There are a variety of free apps to create these, such as Canva.


You’re allowed 140 characters. USE ALL OF THEM! THIS IS SO IMPORTANT! If you do nothing else, do this! The titles should be VERY descriptive and use key words buyers would use. Things to include are; name of item, colors used, techniques used, if this is brand new or refinished, the style (if known), the age or era (if known). Use commas in titles, not slashes. Examples:

BAD TITLE: Chest of Drawers

GREAT TITLE: 1950’s French Provinicial Light Pink and Metallic Gold Paint, Heavily Distressed Chest of Drawers, Dresser, Bedroom Furniture


Reiterate your title using the same exact words and adding more descriptive terms. The important key words in your title should be repeated in the first two lines of your description. The more information you enter, the better your SEO ratings and the higher the chance your page will be seen. I personally am as descriptive as I can be and then fill the rest of the space with other information detailing what services I provide, my coverage area, my shipping, payments accepted, etc.


THIS IS EQUALLY IMPORTANT AS THE TITLE. Tags and titles are what get you seen on the internet. You’re allowed 13 tags. USE ALL OF THEM! Even leaving 1 tag remaining will hurt you and prevent your page from being seen. Use multiple words per tag. This should follow the same concept as the title and include things such as: color, room it would go in, use, era, style, manufacture, finishing technique, etc. Examples:

BAD TAGS: French, Painted, Pink, Gold, Dresser, Furniture

GREAT TAGS: French Provincial, Light Pink, Metallic Gold, Heavily Distressed, Chest of Drawers, Modern Dresser, Antique Furniture, Refinished, Hand Painted

A couple of extra tips:

Easy favors anyone with 50+ listings. Don’t have that? List your sold pieces. In the beginning of the title write “SOLD.” This is beneficial for many reasons: (1) you fill that 50 item quota, (2) your Etsy page will act as a portfolio for potential buyers to see what customizations you’re capable of. If an item sold from your page, list it again and mark “SOLD” as well. Still don’t have 50 items? It’s not the end of the world. You’ll still be seen if you have good titles and good tags.

Become a broken record in your listings. Use the same words that are in your titles for your description and your tags. Use more words when needed (as listed above) but always use the same. For example, if you say “Mid Century Modern” in your title, don’t switch it up in the description and say “MidMod”. You can however say BOTH “Mid Century Modern” and “MidMod” in the description because it’s repeating.

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