Etsy Basics #6 Additional Resources

Final Installment - Selling Through an Easy Shop - Additional Resources

Etsy has entire online handbook dedicated solely to teaching you all of the ins, outs, and every nook and cranny of Etsy. You can search by key terms or questions.

I highly recommend you save the following link and use it as your Etsy Bible. You won’t find information this comprehensive online but more importantly, every time Etsy makes changes, it’s updated information is found there.

They have blogs and tutorials that are really easy to follow.

You can view the handbook here:


Like other social media accounts, there are a variety of websites that offer you help with understanding Etsy. Some are free and some operate on a monthly subscription service. I personally recommend EtsyRank as it’s not only free but fairly easy to follow. EtsyRank allows you to discover opportunities and issues quickly, gain insight into the marketplace and see how you compare to other competitors in your market. For example, it checks your page for spelling errors, how you rate for their SEO, how relevant your tags are, what your competition did differently, number of pictures, how great your titles are, etc. I’ll forewarn you, it looks a little bit “much” so just take your time and look through each category. Work on one thing a day across all of your listings or you might be slightly overwhelmed.

In addition, if you’ve had your listings for over 2 weeks and make any changes, you’ll need to “Renew” your listings. This will require you to repay the $0.20 fee, however the changes are updated and your new will reflect in your listings and what page your ads are viewed on. Many people make changes and don’t renew.

Etsy goes by the original posting so if your SEO wasn’t great and you update without renewing, it’s still viewed as poor SEO and won’t be seen.

You can sign up here for EtsyRank

I did all of this and have so far had one sale each week. There’s much more to Etsy but this is a great starting point! Your page will look professionally done while attracting a whole new type of consumer.

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