You Know You Are a Furniture Painter When...

I recently created a post on the Furniture Painting Business Tips group that received a lot of interesting comments.

As furniture painters we all have A LOT in common. As the comments came in, many of us were reading, laughing and saying, "Yes, that's me!"

Here's the compilation of many of the fun comments made:

When you go into people's houses and mentally paint all their furniture.

You have paint on your clothes, under your fingernails, arms, in your hair, basically all over.

When your hubby wants to know where you want to go on a date and you say Lowes paint department.

You notice vintage furniture even in animated Disney or Pixar films that you'd like to paint.

Every tv program you watch you are seeing things you want to paint.

You have an assembly line of furniture needing a second coat waiting in the garage.

You'll NEVER have pretty manicured nails EVER AGAIN!

You used to carry perfume and makeup in your purse. Now you carry a tape measure and tools.

You don't need fancy color jobs on your hair because it's already streaked with Antique White and Provence blue!

When your child waits till you’re in the middle of a store to announce you have paint on your butt.

You're running out of "non" paint clothes.

You have insomnia because you're thinking about the piece you're working on.

When your idea of a pedicure is primer & green paint.

You have to fight your way to the fridge because of all the new projects that are piling up around the house.

You are bumpin' posts at Midnight.

When you're sweet elderly neighbor who speaks no English points out curbside furniture for you to paint lol.

You have enough projects to keep you busy for months but still hunt for cheap or free furniture on a regular basis.

When you literally don't have a square inch of space in your house not paint-flecked.

You have knobs, hinges on your purse.

You have cat paw prints on your floors leading to your bedroom and sheets with painted paw prints.

Your back and neck and dominant arm and hand basically ache all the time and you have a massive swirly brain from ideas!

When you have one cabinet overflowing with the saved Dunkins cups you use for paint and all the little random things you save to use like condiment cups.

When you suddenly don't cook anymore because you can't get to the stove.

You find yourself living off "To Go" salads and anything else that comes in a plastic container that you can reuse for painting.

When you are watching every home show and looking just for the painted furniture or buying magazines just for the fact it has painted furniture lay outs that can inspire your design.

You have more screenshots off fb and pinterest than your

When you’re told by your children "we're afraid to stand still for the fear of being painted!"

When your daughter is too embarrassed to have friends come to the home because it looks like an episode of Hoarders or Sanford and Sons.

When the local paint shops ALL ask you by name what my recent projects are and then they ask for pics so they can ask they're friends if they need anything,

You're constantly jumping back and forth between commenting on posts and checking Marketplace for new stuff!!!

Using Pinterest for all things chalk paint.

You absolutely promise not to add one more thing to our garage full of to-do projects. "Wait! Stop! What's that on the side of the road??? I know, honey, but it's awesome, and it's free!!"

You have your husband take your kids somewhere so you can get to your meeting place on time and pick up just one more dresser and sneak it into the garage before they get home.

Your husband tells you to go buy clothes because most of your clothes have paint on them.

When you open the door to the shed where your furniture hoard is and it smells like your walking into an antique store!

When you paint pieces based on whether or not it will look good in your own house "just in case it doesn't sell"

You learned creative furniture stacking to have more space.

When a hurricane flood is coming and your hubby is more concerned about getting the furniture in the garage up off the floor over ANYTHING in the house!

When there's a narrow path to get through the garage because of the furniture hoard.

You see colors everywhere and wonder how you could create it on a project!

You spend more money on paint than you do on shoes.

You want tools for birthdays and anniversaries and your husband loves buying you stuff.

You think your first sale was a fluke, but you open a booth because your hubby is tired of furniture all over the house, and you sell a piece before you have a tag on it! Woot, woot!

You get a sly smile when people talk about how difficult it is to paint furniture. Just smile and nod your head and say yes it is you better let me do that.

When someone comes to your home to pick something up (that is not furniture related) and asks if you are moving.

Seeing garage sale signs makes your foot twitch toward the brake, even when you know you can't stop.

You have a few minutes of free time and you swing into the thrift store.

You have so many headboards that your neighbors think you are running a brothel!

Your kitchen supplies and appliances are in your work room.

You ask for pictures of the back of everything.

And my very favorite....

You dip your brush in your tea mug by mistake but drink it anyway!

Thank you to the FPBT members who made this blog post possible with their comments and sharing their personal photo's.

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