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Stephanie Lieser has shared her extensive knowledge in this series of using furniture stains. These are an example of her beautiful work at Baciato Refinishing.

One of my most difficult yet valuable restoration pieces; veneer inlay of three species of mahogany, and burled oak. This required color matching of 13 gradients of stains, and 50 hours of work from behind the magnification lens.

This is a simple yet beautiful French provincial 4 Drawer that a customer’s son did his best imitation of Salvador Dahli with Sharpies. The repaired top and drawers were completed with a mix of a mid-tone cherry and dark walnut water soluble pigments. Shame I didn’t take a before, it was something!

An early 19th century French Hutch from Calais, France. The only damage was neglect and the changing climate where it had been stored.

A few months of moisture removal while I was on the hunt for a 200 year old Chambre’ Key, a few minor structural repairs, and a wash of walnut and pecan stains, and this magnificent piece of history shows how master’s carefully carved, from solid pieces of wood, to create art.

Another lovely French Dresser that had to have the top replaced. Solid walnut, routered to match the curvatures and a mix of oil based of American Oak and Pecan stains.

A bit of me…

“You did what?!?” That’s usually what I hear when running into long missed friends, former business associates and acquaintances and explain that I actually did it; I left behind the success of the corporate world of finance to pursue my passion for antiques and have not looked back since.

The restoration of antique furniture has been a love of mine for decades now, and over the years, it has grown from a word of mouth hobby to an exciting and growing business! I’ve ventured into other areas of furniture of design and construction, wood working and painting. By no means am I the artist some are when it comes to decorative painting but there are so many who have graciously shared their talents and because of that, I’ve been able to add another medium of restoration. Like those wonderful finish artists, I’m an avid teacher and believe that knowledge is meant to be shared freely and by empowering others, you receive gifts that are immeasurable!

I now offer a full range of design and upholstery as well as custom surface and decorative finishes such as painting and European plaster techniques for homes and furniture and of course, my passion for the restoration of all things historic!

On a personal note, I’m wife to a beautiful and supportive husband (and should probably add very patient!), mom of three who are grown and of three fur-babies and they are all where my heart is made whole.

Peace and Joy,


Baciato Refinishing


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