Staining Furniture 101 Part Two

#2 - Water base stains contain pigment(s), resin, and water.

This series will answer some questions, save a few from mistakes, and offer some good information on a subject most furniture painters love to hate...staining furniture!

There are 3 types of pigmented stains and each comes in multiple colors that range from the replicating of a wood's natural hue to vibrant deep blues/greens, yellows/reds and everything between including black and white in varying shades.

**Water base stains contain pigment(s), resin, and water.

Typical dry time/time between coats: 2-4 hours*

Cure time: 2 days *

Pre-Stain Conditioning: Any water based/oil modified pre-stain conditioner. There are many on the market. Depending on the wood's density, I usually use one coat; two on pine and birch (soft woods) and woods or pieces greater than 100+yrs. You should allow 20-30 minutes between coats.

I generally stain within an hour after final coat of sealer/conditioner.

Best application methods: foam sponge or brush, natural or synthetic brush, cotton stain pads, lint free cotton rags

Mix: Can be mixed with water based pigment powders and other water based stains.

Tint: Tinting of sealer/top coat can be achieved by mixing 50/50 stain and water, then adding to sealer or top coat.

Thinning: Can be thinned with water to desired opacity.

Clean up: Soap and water

Sealer/Top Coat: Any water based sealer/top coat after minimum of 3 hours dry time*, gels, urethanes, and oil based top coats can be used but only after fully cured 2 days*. I use a sponge for application - no brush strokes.

*Temperature and moisture does impact.

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