Decorating Your Booth To Attract Buyers

When we start our business there's no doubt, we want to make money!

And it takes interested buyers to spend money, in order for us to make money.

Once they're in the shop, you want them to notice your booth.

So let's look at how you should set it up & decorate to attract those buyers...

You want to make your space Visually Appealing, get them in your booth for a closer look! Be Creative, Stack, Organize, & De-clutter!! You want to take advantage of ALL of your space, but beware an overstocked booth generally looks more like an overflow of unwanted junk rather than hidden treasures.

- Smaller booths should think of the U Shape! Place your items along the edge of your booth, in the back as well as the sides but keep your center clear for customers to have walking space.

- For larger spaces you can still use the shape U and add something in the middle, just be sure to leave room for customers to walk around easily.

The back of your booth should have one or more of the following that will make customers want to come closer to view:

  • A shelf filled with interesting small items.

  • A Pop of Bold Color or a Statement Piece.

  • A Mirror, because people tend to enjoy looking at themselves.

You can create walls to separate your space by using: room dividers, lattice, curtains, crates, pallets or furniture, the possibilities are endless.

And be sure to redecorate as often as 1x per week but at least 1x per month to keep your space looking fresh! Even if the same items are there & the same people come back, they may see an item they want if it's placed elsewhere. However if an item hasn't sold in awhile, you may want to consider trading it out for another time.

Once a customer is in the shop, it's up to you to attract buyers to come in and browse your booth!

Below are a few examples of fabulous booths, to help give you ideas to go along with your own personal touches & unique pieces.

Picture above: Deena (owner of Vignettes of North Carolina) is using her items to separate her area from others. She also has her center clear & inviting with the back wall pulling you in.

Picture above: LaDon (owner of LaDon's Creations) has items in the center of her space however has left plenty of room for customers to wander. She has her smalls nicely displayed in the back of her booth so you'll come in. And did you notice the shutters "wall" on the left as well as the curtain on the right? A great way to separate herself from other vendors.

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Pictures Above: Marie (owner of Daysie May Estate Liquidations) has a large room that she has separated into organized areas with plenty of space to walk about.

Picture A. She created a wall shelf with crates to fill with smaller items in the far left to invite people to come in and browse.

Picture B. The space behind the luggage & mink, with walk space in between.

Picture C. The space to the right of the luggage & mink, each space utilized yet clutter free & filled with bold colors.

Pictures Above: Merry (owner of The Painted Gecko) has created a "room" using curtains and partial walls. Her booth is full yet clutter free and spacious enough for people to come in and look around. She has smaller items spread throughout her space so you'll take your time looking when at her booth.

Picture Above: Eliana (owner of Why Not Redesign) has created walls using furniture as well as wall partitions. Her large shelving unit inside her booth is full of smaller items that will make customers want to go in to get a closer look. She also has a pumpkin for a pop of color on the back wall, believe it or not it will attract people to move towards it.

Picture Above: Belinda (owner of Artsy Edges) has items in her booth stacked yet well organized with a nice variety. Her square space is decorated in the shape of a U, a few items in the center with room to walk around. A mirror is always a nice touch! A few people may go in just to check their hair & make-up, then start to look around and might find items to purchase!

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