Oh dear, Christmas is near!

With the Christmas Holiday fast approaching it's time to start thinking about advertising. There are several ways to get people to shop with you/your shop/your booth. It doesn't have to cost much, in fact it should make you additional profits.

Decorate - Get people in the mood to shop for the holidays.

  • Storefronts; Decorate elegant or victorian. Use clear holiday lights, greenery, burgundy & cream bows. Also add similar holiday touches throughout the store as well as small holiday items for sale. If you have the space add a decorated tree with wrapped boxes under or a tree made of poinsettias. Holiday scents such as; cinnamon, pumpkin spice, baked cookies, etc. seem to help the holiday shoppers spirit, you can also add cinnamon scented pine cones in baskets throughout the store.

  • Vendor Booths; Decorate with small holiday items for sale. If you have the space add a few poinsettias & or baskets of cinnamon scented pine cones if the shop owner allows.

  • On your cash register or invoice receipts, be sure to add a line in regards to the holiday. (Example; Cash Register; We wish you a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year! or Happy Holidays! Invoice; Thank you for your purchase. From my family to yours, Merry Christmas!)

  • Tag an item or items with creative holiday cutout tags. (Scrapbook Paper works great.)

  • Stage photos with holiday decor when selling/posting pictures online.

Sales - People want to save money during the holidays, or at least think they are.

  • When making a post try changing your descriptive price wording to Holiday Sale $295 (vs $300). Although it's only $5 you do not post that part so the buyer won't see that! They only see "HOLIDAY SALE $295." Therefore they believe they're getting a good bargain. (You can do this in your shop or booth as well!)

  • If you have a storefront or booth, offer a % Off. (Create a flyer, glue it to a piece of holiday wrapping paper, then display in a large frame.)

  • If you're having a Sale on select items use creative holiday cutouts (again, scrapbook paper works great) or primitive bows with tags on just those items.

  • Shop Owners or Booth Vendors; offer you BEST SALE Prices on Small Business Saturday & be sure to PROMOTE your Sale(s).


Specials for large purchases

  • Free delivery up to 10 or 20miles when item has been paid in full or perhaps 50% OFF delivery.

  • Free matching painted photo frame or painted canning jar with flowers. (People like when they get something "free" with a purchase, they may even use it to gift to another during the holiday.)

  • Gift Card/Gift Certificate of 10% their purchase price off their next purchase. (Ex. Buyer purchased a Dresser for $300, give them a $30 Gift Card for their next purchase.)

Specials for small purchases

  • Offer gift wrapping for free or a small fee. (Last year my shop offered Gift Wrapping Services with the proceeds going to a local Children's Christmas Charity.)

Giveaways - Everyone loves a giveaway but at Christmas time it's so much better!

  • On your FB Business Page offer Holiday related giveaway. (ex. Table or Entryway Display, Wreath, Small painted piece, Free entry into a workshop, Gift Card/Gift Certificate, Primitive Tree, etc.)

  • If you have a shop or booth place a gift wrapped box with tickets for people to enter a giveaway. (Make sure the item(s) you're giving away are close to the box.)


  • How to create a Holiday display table.

  • Creative Painting Wine Glasses in a Holiday Theme.

  • Creative Painting Basics Chalk Style Painting. (Use holiday colors to paint photo frames & canning jars then add holiday flowers.

  • Creative Painting Holiday Signs.


  • Some people start shopping early so be sure to advertise in advance.

  • There are plenty of FREE options; FB, IG, Twitter, Blogs, Friends, Family, etc.

  • Boost FB

  • Hang flyers at area shops, malls, etc.

  • Radio advertisement

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