Tips for an Effective Post

Here are a few tips to help make your posts more effective. You don't have to be a novelist or a professional photographer but the 2 most important things to do are;

spell-check & stage in a clean/well lit environment.

These tips will help you create posts that are sure to deliver results. Whether you're looking for purchases via Facebook Marketplace, BST sites, your Website, In Store Sales, or Sale Aps.

Your Business Identity

What's your business' personality? (Funny? Adventurous? Creative? Serious?) Every business has its own identity, and the more authentic you are, the more effective your posts are likely to be. Be yourself and be consistent.

What's Important

Remember, people scroll through Facebook quickly, so the chances of their stopping to read a novel are slim. Stick to the important info and limit your wording. If you have a specific action you want, be sure to get it in there; Visit our shop. Call for a free quote. Visit our website. Etc.

Keep Customer in Mind

While you spend a lot of time thinking about your business, customers spend most of their time thinking about their own lives. So put yourself in their shoes and think "what would make me like this business?" or "what would make me want this item?"

What's your Goal

Identify the purpose of your post as it will help you to build posts that deliver your desired results. Start by deciding what your post is intended to do. Are you trying to push a certain product? Drive foot traffic to your store? Encourage website views? Improve trust?

Know Your Audience

Decide who your target audience is before you design your post. It may affect the photo(s) and the way in which you write. How old are they? Where do they live? What kinds of things are they interested in?

Pick a Topic

When deciding on the topic of your post, think about your audience and what would be interesting to them, or offer them some valuable information. Do you feature business owners / employees to build trust? A new item to bring back old customers? Knowing what the subject or theme of your post is will help determine everything else.

Remember that your photos will be competing with everyones elses pictures on Facebook. So be sure to pick an image that will grab your audience's attention as they scroll through Facebook. Focus on the things about your business that make it stand out! The people. The environment. The products.

Photography Tips:

You can take great photos even with your smartphone. Take the time to set up your shot & stage your item well. Make sure that there's proper lighting and that you don't have a lot of things crowding your frame. Try using a photo app that offers filters. They take an average photo and make it feel more professional. They can also add consistency across all of your posts.

Choosing Your Photo(s)

Images are the first thing people will notice about your post. So take time staging then choosing the pictures you will use. This is how people will see your business.

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