Why Advertise on Social Media?

When advertising on Social media, we need to understand how it helps business.

The 5 main reasons to advertise on Social Media;

1. It's where your customers are!

Customers are on their phones! They're not looking at tv before or after work to watch the news or as many tv shows. They're on FB, IG, youtube. Most people even check their phones on work breaks and when they can't sleep.

2. Social proof!

It's part of buying process these days! People are analyzing websites, FB, IG, checking to see if you have followers (if not they may think you don't have customers), they're researching you; your online reputation, possibly your personal profile so be careful what you post publicly and what the world can see.

3. New referral system!

People still want referrals, it's not just on a one on one conversation like in the old days when people would ask their friends. Now they look at social media referrals, ratings, comments, etc.

4. Creates brand awareness!

People may not buy today but in 1wk 1mth, 6mth, 1 yr, and when that time comes you want them to think of you first!

When you create brand awareness you're renting space in peoples mind. When it's time for them to buy or use a service, you want them to think of you first!

5. Invest in it, because if you don't your competitor will!!

You have to evolve, a business needs marketing. And marketing has evolved, right now it's evolved to social media. Get your name and work out there, make it know and talked about.

Now that you know why, it's time to get started!

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