Business Insights on FB

When you have a Facebook Business Page it is important to utilize the tools provided. Insights are a FREE tool that Facebook offers & provides valuable information. When using your pc and on your business FB Page you can access Insights at the top navigation bar. Once you click on it there are several options from the left navigation bar. But there are 3 main categories that you should pay attention to:




These 3 categories can help you determine what date to post, time to post, who to post to (your primary age & gender market), and when people are in your area to shop.

Take note of the timezone your page is listed in. (I live in EST however my FB is in PST.)

From the left navigation bar of Insights, Click on LOCAL.

This is where you can learn more about the people near your business.

Activity and peak hours

Use info about when the most people are nearby to make smart decisions about shop opening hours and more.

Important to Note

Choose a region and date range to learn more about the area around your business.

View the trend of people on Facebook within 50 metres of your business during the past week or month.

Demographic info

Get to know the general ages, genders and distance travelled by people near your business to inform your marketing and services.

Once you've learned some Local Insights, go to the left navigation bar & click on PEOPLE.

From here you'll see information regarding your fans, your followers, people reached & people engaged.

Then go back to the left navigation bar & click on REACH.

Here you can decide date(s) and see what your post reach has been for the timeframe you have chosen.

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