How to Create a SHOP on your FB & Why you should!

Have you thought about creating a SHOP section on your FB Business Page?

If not, the time is now, because FB has added Business Page Shops to their Marketplace. And that means additional exposure for your business!

*Be sure to see the bottom portion of this blog for screen shots of FB Marketplace SHOP.*

FB Instructions to Set Up Shop if your business is in the US!

If you're not in the US no biggie, FB has instructions to help get your SHOP set up as well!

INSIGHTS For US & Non US Shops;

Have you noticed Business Page Shops are now available on the FB Marketplace?

Currently mobile users can see, utilize, favorite, shop and share!

That means it won't be long before tablet & pc users will have access as well.

*So why wouldn't you want to take advantage of this additional FREE marketing & advertising tool for your business?!*

After a FB user clicks on the Marketplace Shops this screen will appear;

When a FB user then chooses "shops you follow" a list of the shops they follow will generate;

Once the FB user decides which "shop" to view they simply click on it then scroll through pictures.

Then if the FB user is interested in an item, they would click on the picture for additional pictures and details.

From here they can "Save" for later, "Share" to one of their FB friends who may be looking for one, or "Check Out" to purchase.

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