What's in a Name? Creating your Business Name!

When thinking about creating your business name, you want it unique to you/your business!

The right name can make your business the talk of the town!

And word of mouth will always be the best & cheapest form of advertising. So you need to make your business name work for you!

Are you thinking a business name will be tough to come up?

Not really! Get your notepad & let's start brainstorming.

Here's a few things to ask yourself & for you to think about when brainstorming;

What type of items will you sell?

only furniture, primarily furniture, a mixture of furniture & decor, & signs, etc.

What do you do?

paint, repurpose, refinish, design, stencil, furniture, kitchen cupboards, etc.

How do you do it?

paintbrush, sprayer, tools, etc.

How much experience do you have?

How will you sell it?

online, booth, store, etc.

Where do you do it?

City, State, Country, Providence, at home, garage, outside, workshop, store, etc.

What's your background/heritage?

First name, Last name, where your family is from, ethnicity, etc.

Who will you do it for?

Family, customers, clients, referrals, etc.

When do you do it?

first thing in the morning, after business hours, during store hours, when the kids are napping, weekends, etc.

Why do you do it?

Did you start as a hobby, or perhaps to make your own home look better on a budget?

It's your retirement activity/business.

It's your full time or part time job/income.

Because you enjoy it.

Do you have an inspiration?

A person, place, thing, a memory, etc.

What makes you special?

Do you specialize in a particular technique or use several techniques?

Do you use a primary stencil, always line your dresser drawers, only use a certain brand paint, only paint a certain style furniture, etc.

Do you have a favorite word or saying when you're looking for/working on/finished with furniture?

Could be an adjective, noun or a made up word, etc.

Do you do this by yourself, have a partner or helpers? Will you have employees?


So take time when brainstorming, you do not have to do it all at once! In fact you may think of additional key words later while in the shower, making dinner, or painting that next fabulous piece. And when you do, be sure to add them to the list!

Once you feel your brainstorming is complete read it over, something may come to you clear as day! If not, it's ok!

Ask your spouse, family member(s) & or friend(s) to take a look. See if they can add anything to your list, they may even have name ideas for you. Jot them down, even if they sound silly or out of context!

NOTE: It's not best practice to ask a group of strangers online. They may know your type of business but your family & friends know you!

If after going over your list with others you still haven't come up with a business name you're happy with, there is another way. Start putting some of your answer words together on another notepad.

Here's an example; I refinish, and my inspiration is Rich (my son's name), I could put together "Richly Refinished."

(Please do NOT use it, as it is personal to me, we use it to describe our refinished items, and may be used in the future! I love that name & if we only refinished items that would be our business name but currently we sell a variety of items including antiques! )

Here are a few more Real Examples;

When my husband & I are out picking and come across an item that we like, we say, "Now that's a Fantastic Find." Our business name, Fantastic Finds is perfect for us & our customers expect nothing less.

Jeannette & her husband's business name, "Wild Attic," was created by using part of their last name Wilding. Very catchy & yet unique to them!

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