Upcycle / Repurpose... The latest fad!

Before you throw it out, ask yourself, can it be repurposed or up cycled?

Upcycling & Repurposing have been around for centuries. Yet they seem to be the latest fad.

I can recall my Great-Great Grandfather, Lawrence Churchill, saying, "Waste makes haste."

Which means doing something too quickly causes mistakes that result in time, effort, materials, etc., being wasted.

Of course as a young child, I did not understand. But as an adult & flipper, I think before I throw anything out!

Upcycle & Repurpose have similar yet different meanings.

We need to know & understand the difference when describing our items.

UPCYCLE; Reuse in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

REPURPOSE; Alter for use in a different purpose.

Reasons to upcycle/repurpose an item(s);

- The item no longer functions as intended.

- You have an idea to make it better.

- There is a different need for it.

- A greener way, recycle.

- People are loving it & spending $

Just about anything can be re-used or altered for a different purpose. So again, think before you throw it out.

Let's take a look at some repurposed & upcycled items that FPBT members have graciously allowed me to share;

Entertainment Unit repurposed into a kitchen baking center.

TV cabinet upcycled into a Wine Cabinet

Metal trellis/ decorative metal & doors that were upcycled into fence gates.

Door & bench upcycled into a hall tree.

Part of a barn door, a table base & glass from an old display cabinet upcycled to make this table.

Ironing Board repurposed into wine bar.

Tin & sink reused from a 100+ year old house with industrial & regular pallets as well as buckets for lights upcycled to make this piece.

Several items welded together to create this steampunk piece.

Industrial hand/push cart repurposed into a plant stand.

Old drawers & tool boxes can be repurposed to make beautiful garden vignettes.

A dresser repurposed into a succulent garden.

A sewing machine base upcycled to make a coffee table.

Pump organ upcycled into wine bar.

Dresser upcycled into a kitchen island.

Sewing machine repurposed into a vanity.

Dresser repurposed into a cat feeding station.

Part of a vanity upcycled into a bench/hall table.

A few more ideas;

A Bed headboard & footboard into a bench.

The top of a hutch into a display cabinet or coffee bar.

Ball Jars into light fixtures.

Doors into hall trees, tables, corner shelves.

Drawers into shelves.

Rake ends into wine glass holders, necklace holders.

Bookcases into bars.

Wood tool boxes into a bathroom shelf.

An end table into a pet bed.

Dresser or desk into a gossip bench.

Metal bed frame into a garden piece or fence gate.

If you can weld, make steampunk items.

Regardless, the possibilities with upcycling & repurposing items are endless!!

If you're a member of FPBT, then request membership in a FPC (Furniture Painting Collective) local chapter to share some of your upcycled & repurposed items.

If you're not a member of FPBT but are a furniture flipper & would like to join a group for Furniture Painting Business Tips then please do so.

FPBT is a group is for those who are interested in the BUSINESS aspect of furniture painting. We encourage discussion of subjects related to running your painting business. At no cost!

FPC's encourage interaction of furniture painters in local areas, under the guidance of the FPBT group, with the purpose of building a better business for each artisan through fellowship and sharing. At no cost! Our goals with FPC local groups are to collectively share/provide:









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