Avoiding FB Jail!

FB Jail aka a temporary suspension of one’s privilege to post on Facebook.

Suspensions & Sentences Vary!

Suspensions can include losing privileges to post items to your timeline, friends timelines, group pages, other pages, adding new friends, sharing items and or links.

Sentences can be a few hours, days, weeks or you can be banned.

Here are some quick tips that may help keep you out of FB Jail!

Don't post, share, comment or like to fast. Pace yourself!

(Facebook will be flagged, others can report as spam as well.)

Don't post the same content to several pages.

(Facebook will be flagged.)

Don't repeatedly send the same message to different people.

(Facebook will be flagged.)

Don't send to many pm's (private messages) to people who are not on your friends list.

(The person(s) can mark as spam & or your account can be flagged.)

Don't send promotional pm's without permission.

(There are laws about this. Facebook will be flagged.)

Don't send friend requests to strangers.

(If you may be connected, send them a private message first. Note: If a friend request is declined it may be flagged or marked as spam. If left neglected it will be flagged after a period of time .)

Don't promote your business on another business page or try selling your items there.

(The page admin can mark it as spam.)

Don't tag people on a post who would not approve.

(The person(s) can mark as spam.)

Don't copy/paste someone else's post without permission.

(The original poster can report. Facebook will be flagged.)

*Beware of competitor saboteurs & or enemies. Unfortunately, since it is so easy for people to mark a post, page, or message as spam, unethical competitors/enemies may simply be trolling your pages and posts and marking them as spam, regardless if they are or aren't.

TIP: If you are aware that someone might be doing this, the first step would be to ban them from your profile & page. Doing so they will not be able to see your posts or interact with your pages.

(Unfortunately you may not be aware of all unethical competitors & or their "fake profiles.")

I'm sure there's more reasons and of course you should read Facebook policies/standards.

Note: Policies can change so you may want to read them every so often.

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