Information VS Misinformation

Most of us rely on the internet & social media for quick answers.

Although it's fast & there is a wealth of information, you need to think about the source(s)!

Was the information from a credible source or person?

Do you know if there was research involved, if so from where?

Just because a website/group/blog, post is popular (liked & or has a lot of followers), does NOT mean everything is factual.

Keep in mind, people can write/blog/post/comment, most anything.

We hope that people would be honest & most times I think they try to be. However, people tend to share information they've seen or heard.

Which doesn't necessarily mean they're not being honest. They may have been misinformed or perceive it differently.

Remember, information is ONLY as good as the source that provides it!

- Some have little to no review process.

- Some are theory or opinion.

- Some are used to promote alternate agendas.

In the TWOXFOURANDMORE blogs, both Jeannette & I have the best intentions when writing/sharing. We research & at times get opinions from our FPBT members.

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