What's In A Word? #1 - RECLAIMED

Furniture painters have a language all of their own!

When we try to describe to others what we "do" we often can't find the right word!

We are an unusual collection of artisans that often use many unusual terms or words to describe a piece we have painted or created.

We asked the artisans on the Furniture Painting Business Group to tell us what the word "reclaimed" means to them and their business.

Thank you to the members of FPBT for these comments on the post:

Reclaimed (IMO) means reused in a new way.

I use the term “reclaimed” in reference mostly to wood that I’ve scavenged and re-used in some way. I usually say “repurposed” on all sorts of things I’ve re-imagined and used in a new way.

We use reclaimed in the sense of the wood from a piece of furniture that is no longer fit for purpose. For example, we dismantled pine wardrobes that can no longer be used as a wardrobe due to structure damage. We then use the pine to make blanket boxes, coat racks, letter racks and quote signs.

Reclaim by definition means "to retrieve or recover (something previously lost, given, or paid);"

When I use reclaimed wood, it means we built something out of wood that was once used for something else.

We have often used "old wood" from fence boards or old sheds or buildings to build shelving, picture frames, signs, tables, and other creative items. I have used old boards for decorating in my home to create a rustic atmosphere. My grandpa would have been horrified to see me picking through old wood piles someone has cast aside instead of running to the lumber yard for new boards! Re-claiming these old boards give me a sense of satisfaction that I have have given new life to something old.

Reclaimed to me is something that someone had and no longer found valuable and I restore her to value.

Nothing on Gods' earth is invaluable. To me reclaiming wood is precious. With box stores selling junk for high prices, I think it's time to say, "Stop and smell the quality in wood".

Reclaimed means that at some point, Claim was relished, through loss or discarding due to no one finding it valuable:)

In our industry I think reclaimed usually refers to barn wood, fence wood, pallet wood etc that has found a new purpose. But in the broader sense I think anything that was broken or beyond its usefulness that has been given a new life can be considered reclaimed.

A claim to new use.

Junk turned into gold! Trash to treasure, discarded fixed up and given new life...new claim on life... Thus REclaimed

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