Helping Your Client With A Custom Piece

A client has contacted you to create a custom piece. YAY!

However... Your client isn't certain what they'd like done to their specific piece, and that's where YOUR expertise comes in.

Help them figure it out & secure the contract, after all they want you to do the work so let's help them!

Do you know your client?

Take some time to ask questions and make suggestions.

-Request picture(s) of the room & area of where the finished piece will go.

-Who is the item for?

-What is their style?

-What are the colors of their decor?

-Do they want a statement piece or a piece that flows with the room?

-Would they like a bold, neutral & or multi color?

-How will the item be used?

Make suggestions for your client;

-Look through your portfolio or pictures of pieces you have done.

-View pictures of magazines for ideas. (You could suggest particular magazines or send them a few photos, just be careful not to inadvertently refer them elsewhere.)

-Search online for similar piece that's been painted /updated so they can get ideas. (Send links or site recommendations, again be careful not to inadvertently refer them elsewhere.)

So when you're consulting a client who doesn't know exactly what they'd like, be sure to ask questions that will ensure they'll be happy with the piece they've hired you to create.

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