Let's Get Organized! Organizing Your Furniture Painting Supplies

Time is money! Having an organized workspace saves you time and in turn will save you money.

Not every furniture painter has the luxury of having a nice big workshop for painting. Many of us have to work in small available spaces. Even those who have to do their painting in their living room can keep their painting supplies organized.

We store our inventory, do our painting, and hold finished pieces for our business in our double car garage. Space is at a premium so organization is a must!

"A place for everything and everything in it's place."

This is number one for keeping supplies and tools organized. When you have more than one person painting and working in your workshop, it's also essential!

Shelving is the best way to get started. Book shelves are cheap and easy to find in thrift stores. Want a more upscale look? Use an old TV entertainment center, dining room hutch, or armoire and just add extra shelving if needed. You can often find them for free. Paint to match your decor and you can have your supplies in plain sight but out-of-sight! We have open shelving in our garage and I find we have to clean things regularly to keep the dust off. Having a closed cabinet would be great to avoid dust and dirt.

Group your supplies and tools:

Keep all paints in place. We utilize shelving units and have several shelves dedicated to just paint. The most accessible shelf has our commonly used colors of paint. We purchase our paint by the gallon. We then mix our own chalk paint in plastic coffee containers. Each container is marked after it is mixed.

All stains and stain related products are kept on another shelf. Pre-conditioner, strippers, Restor-A-Finish, sealers, etc. are on this shelf.

I use a basket to hold all of my metallic paints as most of these are in smaller jars.

Cans of spray paint and primers are found on another shelf. These products are used mostly for hardware and so are used often and kept in rows by color.

Another shelf holds our repair products like wood glue, bondo products, wood fillers, etc.

I also have a basket that holds my chalk paint mixing utensils, plaster of paris, small strainer, and a jar of water. When it 's time to mix paint everything is right together.

We use a large tool cabinet with drawers for our other supplies. A nice sturdy dresser also works well.

One drawer holds my waxes and brushes. I keep my dark wax brushes in a box in this drawer so they don't get near my good brushes.

Another drawer is just for sand papers and hand sanders. This drawer also holds a container with my steel wool pads.

Keep screws organized in small plastic boxes and stored away in drawer.

I also fold and store all cleaning cloths and rags and keep them in a drawer with my rubber gloves, wipes, and old pantyhose.

Store stencils and tools in a drawer to keep them nice and neat.

And of course you need a few drawers for your tools. We keep all screwdrivers in one drawer. Another holds our scrapers, spatula's, and scissors. Tape measures and rulers are kept in one area. A hammer is kept with nails, punches, etc. Chisels and rasps are found in another drawer. Pliers, channel locks, wrenches are kept together.

All larger tools are kept on another large shelf. My husband likes to keep his power tools in their original bags or containers. They are always put away as soon as he uses them. Wish he would do this with his clothes!

Another cabinet holds all spare hardware and parts. Plastic bins, baskets, ziplock bags, shoeboxes, plastic jars and wax cans hold various separated parts which are all labeled.

Keeping your tools, supplies and spare parts organized not only saves you time but it also saves money. Knowing what you have on hand and where it is will keep you from running out to purchase new items.

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