Staging Basics For Your Painted Furniture

If you want to sell that beautiful piece you just painted, you need to show it off! Staging is important. You need to showcase your piece to it’s best advantage to get the best price for it.

Give a professional appearance to your business by caring enough to stage your painted pieces when you are marketing your items.

This can be a controversial topic as some make staging a very complicated, time-consuming, and even expensive experience. Some sales groups insist on specific, very strict staging rules or they won’t accept your piece on their marketing pages. That’s fine, but many of us aren’t always able to comply with rules made by others.

I lean towards simple. Let the piece speak for itself.

Understanding this, simple still needs to be done right and needs some guidelines!

My suggestions are:

Get rid of all clutter! Don’t just snap a picture of a piece sitting in the middle of your workshop with paint, furniture, etc all around. Taking a picture of a dresser in front of a bunch of other furniture doesn’t showcase it.

Go for a plain background if possible. A plain wall or backdrop that will showcase your piece instead of overshadowing it. If you have to do this outside, do it, but use a setting that isn’t busy or distracting. A brick wall or fence can look very nice.

In this same vein, try to keep the flooring from being distracting. A nice wood floor is perfect for most painted pieces but not totally necessary. You can use a large rug or piece of carpet for your flooring as an option.

Stage the piece with items you would typically put on it, if it’s your home. Create a need or suggest different uses by staging a piece with different items. Stage a large armoire with linens as a craft center. Suggest using a tv cabinet as coffee bar or kitchen center. Set up a student desk as vanity or sewing center.

Use what you have at home or find decor items in thrift stores. Paint old lamps, picture frames, baskets or other accent pieces to coordinate with the piece. Chalk and spray paint can add the color you need or want. You don’t need to break the bank just to have a few staging items.

Add a little color in the decor but make sure your “pop of color” enhances the piece.

Sometimes less is more… the focus should be on the piece, not the decor. Don’t clutter the top of a dresser just because you have a lot of stuff. I have followed a very successful artisan that paints beautiful buffets and dressers. She uses the same vase of flowers on every piece she stages.

Work with your lighting so your colors are true and eliminate shadows on your piece.

Try to create a backdrop when photographing mirrors. There are programs to blur mirrors if needed.

Take a lot of pictures at different angles, from all sides, straight on, different heights, with doors and drawers open, highlight unique features, and get close-ups of the details.

Most of us use our phones for taking pictures. They are simple to use and the photographs are easy to edit. There are many different apps and programs for editing and watermarking as needed.

Join the many groups on Facebook that specifically give you FREE advice, suggestions and help from the members. Everyone has a different opinion but you can get some great advice and get you started off on the right foot.

Taking extra time to stage your piece correctly will increase your sales and the prices you can get for them.

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