Avoid Getting Flagged on Social Media Sales Posts

Writing a great description for your hand painted furniture piece is important when selling on social media. But, we need to use caution when using certain words or phrases so we don't get our post "flagged" for being inappropriate. When a post is flagged they take it down or won't publish it.

Always read the rules and guidelines of each site or group before posting. This will help avoid many common mistakes.

Many sites will not allow you to reference your business website or Facebook page with links in the post or watermarks on the photos.

Some sites require you to live in the area where you are posting.

There are certain pieces of furniture that often get flagged:

Baby cribs, changing tables and other baby furniture

Cedar chests

Wine and alcohol cabinets

Gun safes and cabinets

We often have to get creative when selling these pieces of furniture and suggest different uses. Instead of calling a piece a "wine bar" we can call it a "beverage station."

Members of the Furniture Painting Business Tips Facebook group have given some examples of words or phrases that have been flagged on their posts.

Flagged Words and Phrases:

Hemp Oil

Lion's Head (hardware or details)

Animal Parts

Animal Prints









Weapons of any kind

Words deemed racial

I can't explain why many of these words or phrases are flagged but I'm sure someone has a reason. I had a dresser flagged because I stated it was painted in "gun metal gray" - the color used by the manufacturer!

When an item is flagged they usually don't tell you what triggered the flag. So try re-wording your description and re-posting. You can also appeal but don't be surprised if your appeal is ignored.

We are fortunate to have many different social media sites where we can sell our pieces without charge. Reading and abiding by their rules will keep you good standing.

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