Networking - Good For Your Furniture Painting Business

Every interaction you have with others can be a great networking opportunity for your furniture painting business. You never know when a chance encounter could be a good break for your company.

No one knows your business better than you. No one cares about your business better than you. If you don't speak up and tell others, you might miss great "free advertising" opportunities!

Do you have a quick, solid reply if someone asks "What do you do?" This is called an "elevator speech" in network marketing. You need a short description of "what you do" that only takes about 30 to 60 seconds, the time it takes for a ride in an elevator!

When you meet new people always take the opportunity to mention your business. It doesn't need to be a "hard sell" to them but what you do is unique and interesting and many people like to hear more about furniture painting.

When my husband had his open heart surgery we told most of the nurses and other staff about our business. Many would have a blank look at first, so I would pull out a business card to actually show them what we do. Our business cards have a picture of one of our painted dressers. My elevator speech is, "We take old, tired dressers and make them look beautiful by hand painting them!"

Business cards... an essential part of marketing, sharing, and advertising your business! When we cruise, we make friends! We get to know others while dining, at the beach or in the theaters or casino. Many want to keep in touch after the cruise so I always have business cards with me which have our names, Facebook business page, email, and phone number. It makes a great segway into talking about our business, if we haven't already done so.

There are formal business networking meetings you can attend and share your business cards and give your elevator speech. If you need a boost, this might be a cheap and easy way to spread the word locally. MeetUp has networking groups throughout the country. Attend any events where you can chat with others and hand out business cards. Charity, sports, school events can be opportunities for you!

The next person you meet might need a new tv console or nursery dresser. They might be building a new home and need several pieces. Or, they might have that old, tired piece that needs painting so they love it again. They always know someone who needs something new for their home. They might also be a good source for inventory!

You never know when an opportunity might present itself, so be prepared with your elevator speech and business cards. It could be the big break you need!

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