How to Build A Relationship With Your Customers

In my Facebook group, Furniture Painting Business Tips, we often discuss how to use your Facebook business page.

It was brought up in a discussion that the "experts" or "guru's" on social media marketing are always telling us we need to build trust and establish a relationship with our customers on our Facebook business pages. Their suggestions are to post a ton of what I call "fluff" or personal posts so our customers "can get to know us" and then we have built a relationship with them.

Maybe this works for some...

I personally use our Facebook business page to sell our hand painted furniture. It is a place for our customers to see what we have for sale and what we have done in the past. So, I don't really worry about building a "relationship" with my customers on my page.

Many of our customers are first-time buyers. So, we begin building our relationship with our customers when they purchase that first piece of furniture from us. We don't have a store front so they can't just drop in and start chatting. We have to have something to sell and something they are interested in purchasing. With this in mind, that is what we showcase on our business page. Our furniture pieces!

I think there are many things that help our customers trust and like us:

It is important to answer messages, calls, texts, and emails when a potential customer contacts you. If you ignore them from the beginning, you lose their trust. After you "make the sale" you need to keep the lines of communication wide open.

When you meet your potential customer it is important to look and act professional and personable. Having a friendly out-going visit with your client will build a relationship. Getting to know them will help you determine what they want to purchase and why.

Being professional also means to dress neatly. I have often met our customers with a little paint on my hands but try to change into something appropriate before meeting them. If we are delivering a piece to their home we take the time to "clean up!"

Be dependable and on time. Nothing erodes a relationship quicker than having a customer waiting for weeks for a piece to be completed or hours for your delivery. Build trust by delivering on your commitments!

Yes, we are human and we have a family. I share little tidbits about ourselves when we get to know our customers. They always like to hear that we have been married for over 50 years! It's also important to be interested in their life. Most people love to talk about their kids or grandkids. Show some genuine interest in them.

Offer quality pieces! Quality workmanship builds trust. Be honest in representing what you are selling. Make sure you are proud of the piece you are selling them. This is the true basis of having a customer trust you and your business and it often leads to repeat business.

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